Ageless Grace® Subscription

Videos can be made available through a monthly subscription program. When you sign-up for the ‘monthly subscription program’, you will receive your personal link to receive the Ageless Grace with Sandy videos from our Private Channel on YouTube. Each month you will receive a total of 4 different videos – 1 per week – each one approximately 30 minutes.
Note: On the last day of the month all videos will be taken down to get ready for the new month.

Each week you are encouraged to show these videos to your residents either in small groups or individually. Feel free to give the link to other staff members in Memory Care or Assisted Living so they can show the videos to those residents. Everyone can have access and benefit.

The fee for this video subscription series for Senior Living Facilities is $135.00/month.

For more information and/or to start your subscription fill out the contact form below or call Sandy at (678) 576-9553.